Wrapped in this Wildfire that is destroying our Wildlife, this whole thing is “Wild”


Our “WILD” Long and Short Sleeve tee in collaboration with @nemprints.au is now available to purchase! The profits we raise will be split between the CFA🔥 , WWF🌿, WIRES🐨 and RED CROSS❌


Every Monday (starting on the 13th of January), we will be updating you on the progress of the fundraising (via Instagram @gudstofficial, as well as making the donations then, rather than waiting until the “end”. 


**Please note that if you are ordering from interstate or internationally there may be a delay due to the on-going health risks for posties and delivery drivers. We ask you to please be patient and would like to thank you in advance for helping Australia in this time of need.**


This 100% Cotton T-Shirt is Made, Designed and Printed in Australia.

"WILD" Tee

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