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Cross Styles Vol 2 at Section 8 Melbourne

What a d*mn vibe! Congrats to Burn City Waack and Jam on Toast for putting on a successful event this past weekend.

Cross Styles is an organisation that seeks to empower and educate the youth in the "Street Dance" scene through workshops, seminars and events. It's also an outlet which provides opportunities for the local youth to express and improve themselves by receiving mentorship and positive guidance with acclaimed international dancers. You can follow them here on Facebook and Instagram.

This weekend we got to see some dope dancers from not just Melbourne, but Sydney, the Gold Coast, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan battle for the top spot. Judged by Cherry (Canada), Trix (Korea), Jay Jamero (Australia) and a vibe created by none other than the talented DJ Naru.

We had the privilege of supporting this event alongside Section 8 Melbourne, O2 Studios, Tripnlgy, Flying Art Films and Brooklyn Brewery.

Melbourne weather managed to hold up which resulted in a packed out event! People were standing on benches trying to get a glimpse of the battles, there was barely any space to move but on the plus side, we all got to vibe out as a community. Prelims and top 16 warmed up the battles with their eclectic styles. As the night went on, the energy from the crowd and the dancers grew.

The Judges must of had a hard time deciding who would move onto the next round.

The Top 8 for the Open Styles division were:

• Milk vs HoTung • Racheezels vs Trip • Hood vs Antagonize • Haze vs Kenpachi Those who made it into the Waack and Krump 2v2 Top 8 were:

• Nook and Nak vs Rookie and Priest

• Milk and Haze vs Madfox and Blue Eyes

• Racheezels and Troi vs Antagonize and HoTung

• Carolyn and Lowell vs Tonia and Hood

Pictured Above: Milk, Tonia, Carolyn, Madfox, Racheezels and HoTung

Pictured Above: Haze, Antagonize, Lowell, Nak, Priest, Blue Eyez and Hood

Things started to get heated as we moved onto the Top 4, those who made it through were,

Open Top 4:

• Milk vs Kenpachi

• Racheezels vs Hood

Waack and Krump Top 4:

• Rookie and Priest vs Milk and Haze

• Racheezels and Troi vs Tonia and Hood

Unfortunately, my camera died for finals, but all I can say is the vibe was crazy! The final battles were between Kenpachi vs Hood for the OPEN category and Tonia + Hood vs Milk + Haze for the WAACK and KRUMP category.

Lastly, the winners... We'd like to give a massive congratulations to Hood for winning the Open Styles category and Tonia and Hood for winning the WAACK and KRUMP category!

Pictured Above: Hood - Winner of 1v1 Open Styles

Cheers to the team at Cross Styles for having us there, till next time!

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